Fun facts about St. Louis from Charlie Brennan

I enjoyed hearing KMOX’s Charlie Brennan today at the Community Service Public Relations Council luncheon in downtown Clayton. He’s promoting a book, “Amazing St. Louis,” and the longtime KMOX morning talk anchor has a lot to say about how cool he thinks St. Louis is.

Among some of the fun facts he talked about:

Jacques Chirac, the former French president, once operated a forklift for a company in St. Louis.

Missouri is the only state mentioned in all four big, epic Ken Burns documentaries: “Baseball,” “Jazz,” “The Civil War” and “Prohibition.”

While we all know Tums is made in downtown St. Louis, Brennan worked to get a plaque installed on the building to commemorate the fact that it’s the only place Tums are made. However, corporate executives wouldn’t have it. He says the company feared revealing that fact would attract terror threats.

Thanks for reading. And you’re welcome for that award-winning photo from the luncheon.

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