Congrats, St. Louis nonprofits: You’re No. 1

Check out this blog post from Exempt Magazine, serving nonprofit executives. The headline: St. Louis has the best-run nonprofits in America. Exempt cites a study from Charity Navigator.

The study looked at 21 metrics for nonprofits in 30 markets around the country. accounting for about 3,500 nonprofit organizations. In the end, the Gateway City’s nonprofits indexed the highest. Metrics included measures such as fundraising efficiency, size, total expenses and transparency.

Here’s the Exempt overview and here’s Charity Navigator’s report.

The top 10, with their index rating (out of a possible total of 70 points):

  1. St. Louis, 58.79

  2. Houston, 58.62

  3. Cleveland, 58.01

  4. Minneapolis/ St. Paul, 57.87

  5. Pittsburgh, 57.82

  6. Cincinnati, 57.81

  7. Boston, 57.57

  8. San Diego, 57.50

  9. San Francisco, 57.43

  10. Miami, 56.71

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