Congrats, St. Louis nonprofits: You’re No. 1

Check out this blog post from Exempt Magazine, serving nonprofit executives. The headline: St. Louis has the best-run nonprofits in America. Exempt cites a study from Charity Navigator.

The study looked at 21 metrics for nonprofits in 30 markets around the country. accounting for about 3,500 nonprofit organizations. In the end, the Gateway City’s nonprofits indexed the highest. Metrics included measures such as fundraising efficiency, size, total expenses and transparency.

Here’s the Exempt overview and here’s Charity Navigator’s report.

The top 10, with their index rating (out of a possible total of 70 points):

  1. St. Louis, 58.79

  2. Houston, 58.62

  3. Cleveland, 58.01

  4. Minneapolis/ St. Paul, 57.87

  5. Pittsburgh, 57.82

  6. Cincinnati, 57.81

  7. Boston, 57.57

  8. San Diego, 57.50

  9. San Francisco, 57.43

  10. Miami, 56.71

Why Greentree MediaWorks?

There’s an awful lot behind a simple word like “why,” isn’t there?

Why have we called our consultancy Greentree MediaWorks? Well, it’s been a name that’s rolled around in my mind for years. I once had a similar firm briefly many years ago and now that the opportunity has arisen to get this firm up and running again, I was happy to bring back the name.

My last name, Greenbaum, means “green tree” in German. So that’s easy. “MediaWorks” appeals to me because it tickles my love of words. Janis and I are steeped in media and have been for our entire professional lives. We’ve been editors, producers, writers, reporters. We’ve used print, online, video, audio, photography and graphic design. We’ve wrtten books. We’ve written tweets. We’ve used stirring narrative and cold, hard data in the service of storytelling.

We know media works. Get it?

And we know how to use it. Our firm is designed to figure how how to make it work for you.

But I also love to play with words. No, we’re not a factory or a foundry, like a steelworks or a millworks. But we work hard to make sure our product — your product — is clear, concise and useful to readers, customers and clients.

Greentree MediaWorks. That’s why.